12-19 November 2023

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Sunday 12th November
10-hand menu
Menù a 10 Mani Lavazza Experience

The 10 Hands Dinners are sit-down dinners during which five dishes are served, each prepared by a different chef and each paired with a...

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Monday 13 November
Mix Contest
Mix Contest Lavazza Experience

It is a contest in which the best of the Industry and the protagonists of National Mixology compete, who are judged by...
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Wednesday 15 November
8.00 pm
Degustando Lavazza Experience

Street-Food and Haute Cuisine become synonymous during Degustando, an event of which we can no longer even count the editions, all of which are always sold out. How is it possible?...
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Thursday 16 November
8.00 pm
Cipollini & Friends
Cipollini & Friends Lavazza Experience

A seated dinner to the rhythm of Italian music, with haute cuisine dishes, great wines, cocktails. The format, which combines music with food and wine...
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Friday 17 November
The night of Barolo, Nebbiolo and Barbaresco
La notte del Barolo Nebbiolo e Barbaresco Lavazza Experience

One of the best ways to experience culture is to taste it. When it comes to wine, then, it's even better. This is why we invented the "Nights", i.e. tasting evenings in which the best...
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Saturday 18 November
8.00 pm
FUUD Lavazza Experience

Imagine putting together ten of the best street foods in the city for one evening, for a big all-you-can-eat party. The public will be able to walk among the stands from which specialties will be served...
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Lavazza Experience


Via Ancona 11/A – Turin (Italy)